Upon arrival the freezer was 5F and the fresh food (ff) section was 60F. Both condenser and evap fans were running. The freezer section had frost and snow on the ceiling and walls near the door. Inside the ff section the diffuser was iced over and there was moderate condensation on the ceiling, side walls and around the diffuser. The diffuser is manually adjusted and was broken (customer tried to adjust while it was frozen over). Also, both doors passed the dollar bill test for tightness.

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

The first fix was as follows:
– Installed new diffuser
– Clean up condensation and frost
– Take freezer apart and inspect air flow path and evaporator area. All of the covers were removed. (It was noted that there were no obstructions in the flow path and the fan was blowing. There was great air flow going to the icemaker and less flow through the diffuser. The evaporator was clean and only had slight frost.)
– Raised the front of the refrigerator/freezer so doors close with a little push.
– Made sure all of the air vents were clear to promote correct air flow and return. (when the freezer door was opened more cold air came through the diffuser. When closed, like mentioned earlier the air flow from the freezer was still there but not as great.)

After 24 hours the customer informed me that the fridge temp fluctuated. It would read low 40s for a while and then shoot up to 50 for a while. There now was slight condensation in the ff section only. I wanted to order a door gasket but there are none around so I asked the customer for the time being to apply Vaseline around the door gasket to make it stick. The customer noticed immediate tightness around the door.

Yesterday the customer informed me that the fridge temp was 44F (12 noon) and the freezer was 0F. When she woke up in the morning the fridge was 48F. All of the airflow vents are clear, there is zero condensation and now snow.

Any ideas as to how to keep the ff section cold? Is there a defrost issue? The freezer is great. Looking forward to hearing back from you.


See the technician sheet link below. On page one go through the two tests.
1) The defrost control test
2) Baffle module test
If these two test come back normal, the doors are not sealing or closing properly. That will cause condensation and frost. You clearly DO NOT have a sealed system issue if your freezer temperature is +5 degrees. I would completely defrost the unit for 24 hours with the doors open to get get frost and ice out of the air shoots.Then when you turn it back on, you can make sure both doors are closing and sealing properly. I believe this will rectify your issue.

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