I have had several sub zeros in the past couple months with this issue and I don’t know how to address it.
The ice maker does not make ice even when you select max ice on the display. There is a valve by the filter and then one more before the ice machine with a weird sensor on it. I first forced the original icemaker through a cycle by twisting the gear it looks like a Frigidaire icemaker and it went through the test cycle including filling with water at the end. But the customers all said that it only made that one batch of ice that I forced it to fill for.
All those customer said they replaced water filter before and still no ice. Reset the fridge. No ice. Checked for frozen fill tube. Made sure the water pressure is good. Made sure the switches by the ice machine work. It seems like only thing left is the main board that controls the power to ice maker and Even that makes me feel weird because why does the icemaker work when I set to max ice and forced the gear?

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Many things.

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Here are a few items to check below. Also make sure you are getting +3 degrees in the freezer or below. The thermostat closes at +3 degrees and will NOT harvest unless it is +2 degrees or colder. I have provided a complete diagnostic link below to troubleshoot the ice maker in detail. Go to page 6-2 in the technician link below for complete diagnostic instructions. Matt Ace technician

The “ICE MAKER” key on the control panel activates the icemaker system. If the ice cube icon is not displayed
on the LCD, the icemaker system is OFF.
* To allow ice to freeze fully and reduce effects of low water pressure, the electronic control disables the icemaker
system for 45 minutes after each ice harvest.
* Power to the freezer lights, is monitored to help control icemaker operation. If the freezer door is open,
power to the icemaker is interrupted.
* The icemaker system is disabled when the unit is in Sabbath Mode.

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