washer keeps repeating spin cycle
sample no load; put in spin only cycle, starts at 10 minutes, goes yo 8 minutes pauses chimes, goes back to 10 minutes. repeats for hours. during spin cycle washer spins, at mid speed shakes a little bit continues to faster, shakes smooth out spin fast okay. (heard this is normal).

Model Number
wf42h5200af/a2 02
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

have downloaded service manual.
during manual service test modes washer works okay
spins at full speed okay all other test okay
error codes DE and bE2 came up in service mode, but these could be old error codes (don’t know how to erase them)
door locks okay button work okay
replaced all four damper shocks same problem.
machine is level on solid floor
need to know what is causing this problem?

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Service bulletins, Service pointers, Videos

It seems the washer is detecting an off balance load which will cause the unit to attempt to rebalance the load. This extends the length of the spin cycle. It could repeat 3 or more times before finally ending the cycle. Since you already replaced the shocks and this happens with no load in the machine, you most likely have an issue with the bearings or basket. Especially since you said the unit will shake as it speeds up with no clothes in it. That would be somewhat normal with a load but it really should not do that with nothing in it. I have seen the baskets become more of an oval shape instead of circular. Pretty common on these to develope this issue. You can usually see this if you rotate the drum and watch in one area as it goes around the gap between the basket and tub will go from no gap to large gap instead of staying the same. The basket would need to be replaced. The “spider” on the back of the basket could have broke which will cause a lot of play in the basket. When you lift the front of the basket up you can see it, or the bearings going out. Those usually cause the unit to be loud in spin as well. Make sure the shipping bolts are not still installed through the back the machine as well.

  • also this cycle repeats it self continuously. over night if you let it Joe
  • also in service mode spin cycle test basket shake at about 300 rpm, then smooth out and goes 1600 – 1700 rpm very smoothly, shaking at 300 rpm in when the balance ring self balances.
  • Gottcha. So, if this is happening with out a load and everything checked out as you said it did it must not be an off balance issue. Did you say the cycle goes through and then gets stuck in spin? Will it just stay stuck in spin with the drum rotating overnight or does it start a new cycle, or spin while it says the unit is done? How many minutes left does it stick at? Sounds like you may have a faulty control. I would double check your error codes to see if any new show up and if any that are listed in the tech manual show up.
  • sample no load; put in spin only cycle, starts at 10 minutes, goes yo 8 minutes pauses chimes, goes back to 10 minutes. gets down to 8 minuted, chimes stops pauses, goes back to 10 minutes repeats for hours.
  • That’s a strange one. Can’t say that I have seen this issue before. Only with off balance issues but they never ran that long.its going to be hard to diagnose this issue, especially with no error codes to go off of. Seems like a control board issue to me. Will a wash cycle run through normally until its gets to the rinse cycle or spin cycle?
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