Samsung dw 1E error code, model DW80F800UWS/AA, serial B009g9md604628d
This is supposed to be a high temp heating error. Had schematic for DMT800 series dishwasher with me. This wire diagram did not match the wire diagram on the main pcb cover on dw. Did not see thermistor listed on dw wire diagram on unit.
Heating element had 12 ohms, but no power going to it in quick wash cycle. Could not get it into diagnostic mode.
What should I be checking? I am guessing you need to pull the unit to get to components like LG brands?

Model Number
DW80F800UWS/AA, serial B009g9md604628d
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From what we have see the 1E I think could be an IE not number 1. If it is this is a water coming in is not detecting the proper water flow to the dishwasher. This could indicate a plugged inlet valve. I would start there. If you are in need of any parts please support our parts department on line at or call 1-800-830-5465 7-days a week until 11pm Eastern time. Thanks Matt Ace service technician. Repair videos on this unit link. If you need any parts call our parts department at 1-800-830-5465 or order on line at

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