washer is not draining, but I just replaced the pump 2 yrs ago, the pump seems to have proper resistance, touching it through the filter hole.
I recall the flapper can be a problem , it’s a rubber check valve . Is it possible a hot steam cycle made is flexible enough to push through and cause problems with all cycles? it started on steam cycle, now all cycles won’t drain. I thought i would ask you guys before I go to the trouble on this .

also I know your 29.00 only co=vers one appliance , but I just need a recommendation, matching dryer dv448gp/xaa is a bit noisy, do you guys recommend replacing the springs and wheels around the drum, or should I wait till some happens?

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

checked hoses in back, replaced pump 2 years, tried various cycles

below you have various boxes,
part numbers on suggested parts is helpful.


Unfortunately we do not sell any parts at all but if you go to Sears parts direct.com they have schematics and parts breakdowns on their website for your model number. They also have drop shipping direct to consumer. It’s your best route to go for parts.


See the service manual link Below. The drain pump diagnostics are on page #18 and #19 in the service manual link. Your second question is on the dv448gp/xaa. We normally start with the drum roller kit. The drum rollers are sealed bearings and are very common to make noise when they wear out. I would start there if its making noise.

  • do you have a different service manual . The diagrams for Main PCB does not match mine. Had repair guy say its the main board , he started a cycle, and tested power to pump, no power so he assumes its a board.
  • Hello, Samsung only has one service manual, and it is the one in this link.
  • If the technician diagnosed it as a bad main board, I would replace the board to correct the issue. You will not need a diagram to replace the board.
  • This tech was not seasoned , asked me for the manuel says a lot. The pump is new and seems to get power. I drained water with a bucket, started spin, spin completed. Next I tried rinse and spin, would not complete, would not drain but tried to drain for 5 sec. Next powered off and started a new cycle since is calls for drain first thing, worked for 5 sec then stopped the cycle . I tested recirc pump, seemed ok could it be a water level sensor got any other ideas . drain pipes good, check valve seems easy to operate and fine, wires are good- nothing loose.
  • To recap, it comes down to if you definitely either do or do not have constant power to the drain pump. If you absolutely do have constant power to the drain pump then you either have a bad drain pump (even though its new) or an obstruction. If you do not have constant power to the drain pump then it may be a control issue.
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