I’m getting 7E error and grinding noises at certain points. It used to wash for a while, then stop with the 7E error. I checked that the water wall part that moves was attached properly and oriented correctly. Ultimately, I replaced the motor/sensor assembly. Now, when I start it, the water wall cycles back and forth, making a grinding sound when it gets all the way to the back (I think) and then displays 7E before even starting to fill. I can’t find anything binding. I removed the water wall track and it moved smoothly. I saw people on the internet saying that there is a problem with a magnet getting weak from the heat and no longer activating the sensor at the end of its travel. Could this be my issue? How to resolve?

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See above.


The the 7E diagnostic bulletin link below. This will give you a step by step guide to determine why you are getting the 7E error code. Matt Ace technician

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