The dishwasher stopped cleaning. I determined it was not filling with water. I found the screen on the inlet valve was plugged. I removed it and cleaned it out. It now fills with water but when it gets to what would be the wash cycle it just sits for a few minutes and then goes to the drain cycle. I have unhooked the power to reset it and still has the same problem. I also added more water to it to make sure it wasn’t a water level issue and it still will not go to the wash cycle.

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It is possible that the Control canceled cycle due an error in the wash motor. Go to page #14 in the technician link below. Run the unit through the Service Diagnostics with Error Codes. Then go to the Service Error Codes Table starting on page #16 to pinpoint your problem.

  • In looking into is a little further it appears that the wash pump may have failed form the screen in the water inlet valve being plugged completely. The wash spray arms do not move at all during the wash cycle so I am assuming the lack of water flow from when the screen was plugged may have burned out the pump motor assembly. I am not really making much since of the service diagnostics on page 14 of the manual ?? Thanks for your help.
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