The customer showed me a video that sounded like the pump running with the door open. She said that it shows an error code often of 10 and last time it showed 30.
Where is the tech sheet hidden? I couldn’t find it behind the door panel or behind the toe plate.
I need a copy of it and the error codes and videos.

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

I tried to operate it and it came on, filled and sprayed and canceled drain.

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Service diagnostics guide, Wiring diagram, Service bulletins, Service pointers, Job aids, Videos, Any available materials

Sorry. Try this one.


Hi. I have attached the tech sheet for you. i10 seems like an error for no fill. not getting water. inlet valve issue or water supply issue.

  • Brian, for some reason the tech sheet won’t load. Can you retry it?
  • Brian, thanks for the help. I can’t make out the writing on the diagram. This dishwasher overfills. Is that caused by the pressure switch? Or is there a float switch, or something else that would cause this?
  • I did not see a float switch on the wiring diagram. A float switch would not cause an overfill. It could be caused a faulty pressure switch if that is how this unit reads the water level. still could be on a timed fill. The inlet valve could be sticking open allowing water in when it should not be. Also, the the control could be faulty by sending power to the valve when it should not be , causing it to stay open and fill with water.
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