the programming starts normally, water and washing works, when it is on the programming to drain the water the pump does not turn off and shows error I30, I have already replaced the board and the same defect continues

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I replaced control Assembly AP688636

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On your dishwasher the “i30” is a aqua control error . You should perform a reset on your dishwasher and that could clear any false error codes. To reset your dishwasher you can flip the household circuit breaker off to the dishwasher for ten minutes. If that does not work you could be experiencing an issue with your water inlet valve . If you can get it to drain you might try putting a couple of pan of water into machine to clean it out reset by holding down speed button .Look at your spray arm to see if it is plugged up. There could be something blogging the water from getting into the arm. In most dishwashers, the arm only spins because water pressure makes it spin. If the suggestions above do not work, you can run the unit through the diagnostic mode with the service manual link attached.

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