Standard S/S unit, that on the freezer side will ice up around the ice maker and the ice bucket. (Looks like the snow cone ice when a defrost heater goes bad just around the icemaker area). I have replaced the door seal, the ice door flap and part with it. I am at a loss hear, as h/o swears door is not being left open. Only thing I know it this point is maybe the door insulation is bad and needs another door? Any ideas?

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Most common causes are door seals or door ajar. I also have seen auger motor energized and jammed causing heat and frost build up. Is the unit cooling ? Have you checked defrost heater, or high limit thermostat ? Did you run through diagnostics ? There are no service bulletins on this model so far. Matt Ace technician

  • The unit runs perfectly fine except for the frost build up around ice bin in front of door chute. Everything else works fine, except for icemaker, from time to time. Seal has been changed and so has flap on door chute. There is no frost on the back wall of the unit, so I didn’t check the heater or high limit. This has been an ongoing issue for about 3 weeks. I melt the frost and about a week later boom there it is. I’m clueless on this one! The 1st time i went out, I had to unclog the drain line, and it had about 2″-3″ of solid ice in drain pan. Did I miss something?
  • Also I just looked at the above info, and there is not a digital face panel to put into diagnostics
  • Strange it is still coming back. This has to be due to warm air entering unit. Check around the drain tube and any water lines that enter the unit that could be allowing warm air to enter. Check any other areas as well such where the fill tube enters. If nothing found, it could be a door issue. It could just be from high humidity around the unit as well. I have found frost before from this and found no other issues causing it.
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