I installed the updated drain fix kit and our freezer still accumulates a sheet of ice in the bottom which inturn leaks onto the floor. Do I need to defrost the freezer for this to be fixed or is there another issue? Our ice maker also stopped working, I’m not sure if that is related to this issue or not.
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Another option besides the fill tube being out of place
Did you completely clear the drain trough (in the freezer, behind the back panel there is a tray and beneath that is the drain – this connects to the tube that you installed). The ice in this area must be cleared for water to drain through. You can disassemble the freezer to access and remove ice or shut the refrigerator off and leave both doors open for roughly 12 hours for the ice to melt.

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I would first check to see if the fill tube on the ice maker got bumped out of place while you were working in the freezer section. if that tube is out of place the water that is supposed to fill the ice maker may be draining down into the freezer. I attached a video link for a GE refrigerator ice tube adjustment to give you an idea on what to look for. Good Luck!

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