I’ve checked evaporator coil for ice buildup. No ice, fan is working, freezer thermostat has continuity , freezer thermistor good, door seal in good shape and clean, no gaps, condenser is running but hot to touch, relay isn’t clicking, no unusual noises, door controller reading”high temperature” ,set on lowest setting #7 temperature is 23. Any ideas?

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This is a basic unit. Do you have an even frost pattern across the evaporator coil. If your condenser is not moving any heat that is a strong indication of of a starved evaporator coil or an inefficient compressor. You either have a leak in the system or a weak suction valve in the compressor. You will need to tap the system on the low side suction line using an A-1 valve see link https://saezdistributors.com/line-tap-valve-lt5g-watsco/ . If its in a restriction you have a leak. If it has high suction pressure over 7-lbs or higher you have a defective compressor. Either scenario its very expensive to to the repair, in most cases not cost effective. Matt Ace technician

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