This second ground wire may have connected somewhere – I’am not sure. I went behind panel to check on ice buildup because the ice was melting and refrigerator not cold. Right now the freezer seems fine with the fan working somewhat but no cool air is entering to refrigerator area. I can certainly use your assistance.

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Hello Michael! Thank you for your question. Sounds like you have some kind of defrost issue. Upon removing the back panel in freezer, was the whole evaporator covered in ice and frost? As if it has not defrosted in a while? This could cause low or no air flow which is why your refrigerator is not cooling properly. In most cases, this problem usually point to either a defrost timer, defrost heater, or the defrost bi-metal. Upon removing the back panel, the bi-metal will have a pink and brown wire going to it. Sometimes when they fail, the top of the bi-metal will be popped up. Caused by water getting inside it, freezing, and causing it to expand and break. In some cases, the defrost heater will be the root of the problem. The heater can be tested by doing a simple continuity check with a multimeter, set to ohms. As long as your evaporator fan motor is running, I would check these things first and feel free to get back with us!

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