I had this touch pad replaced on my dishwasher less than a year ago. Could this one be dead already? The repairman also replaced the control unit but it turns out it didn’t need replacing anyway.

I decided myself to replace the door latch because the old one was broken and the repairman last year threw out the handle part!! GRRRR! Some repairman! The latch is the new improved design anyway.

I checked the big fuse and it is good with power all the way to the control board.

Not sure what else can go bad on this model? I have a new touch pad panel coming but if that doesn’t fix it what is my next area to look at?

Thanks for any help.

Model Number

Okay so I fixed it! No thanks to local plumber! Warranty is also a joke!

I replaced the latch with the revised and better design! My local lame plumber threw out the handle that attaches with the latch!! How the heck does one manage that!! Not exactly a small part! Maybe he needed for himself! I never checked his install of the touch panel he replaced less than one year ago. I should have!

I bought a new updated part number touch pad panel and installed all the new parts! Voila!! That fixed it!


What exactly is it doing or not doing? Will the unit not power up at all? Are the keys unresponsive? With more information I will be happy to assist

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