dryer runs but no heat on auto or timed cycles

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disassembled and tested heated, high-limit thermostat, thermal cut-off, okay and no shorts to ground. tested duct thermal cut-off okay, thermistor 11.6 kilohms. reassembled and checked main control board, no visible burn outs checked voltage across heater relay on main board. 50 to 60 vac with unit off or paused, 240 volts about 1 second after unit starts(indicating that once motor starts, relay is open) I thought the relay was not closing, so I changed control board, same problem, I don’t have wiring diagram or service manual ,

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Are you getting any error codes ? Go to page #27 in the manual link below and run the unit through the test mode. No heat troubleshooting is on page #32. Then go to component testing procedures on page #35. This manual will walk you through the diagnostics and component testing. Matt Ace technician

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