Finding plastic pieces in tub when cycle is finished. Took agitator out, looks ok, no pieces come from it. Seems as if inner tub has a little play in it. This may be causing the excessive shaking. I don’t see any pieces broke off of top cover. I would say that’s where the pieces are coming from. The washer is only 3yrs old. have there been issues with loose parts or suspension troubles, or balance problems???? Put the washer in spin with no clothes in it, and it was shaking too much, and did bang slightly.

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Made sure agitator was in good condition. I removed it and checked it. Checked out ok.

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Are you getting any error codes ? If the unit is out of balance you will get an E4 error. Things to check on out of balance issues. See the complete diagnostic service manual links below.

  • Make sure that the washer is set on a level surface. If the surface is not level, adjust the washer’s feet to level the appliance.
  • Make sure that the washer is not placed on any other object.
  • Make sure that the laundry load is balanced. During the spin cycle, if clothes are piled up on one side of the basket, it will stop due to out of balance condition. The unit will try to solve the problem automatically. If the washer cannot solve the problem in there be an issue with suspension assembly or balance ring.
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