I have replaced the display panel already and the problem is persisting.
The digital user interface is inoperable. The light and temperature setting cannot be adjusted, also cannot dispense water or ice. Have replaced user interface and it worked for a week and then did the same thing and stopped working. If you unplug the refrigerator and plug it back in it works for 5 minutes then stops being responsive. The temperature is fine in the refrigerator and freezer. Would this be the main control board for the unit?

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Replaced the user interface board

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Hi. You could have a door switch issue. make sure the door switches are working properly or test good. Make sure the control lock is not on. Then it either comes down to the main control or UI, but if you are getting power to the UI and the buttons stop working It seems like the UI would be the issue. Plus, if it was doing the same thing and then you replaced the UI and it worked for a while I would think you have a bad UI again.

  • Door switches tested good, if I have to replace the User Interface again, what took it out? I need to know the root of the problem. Is the main control board shorting out the user interface? Thanks Ricky
  • Yes, could be the main control taking out the UI. Make sure no moisture is able to get to the UI. Check any damaged wiring that may be shorting out the UI. Especially where they run through the hinge.
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