Vent will not raise or lower from time to time. You can hear gear/motor running but will not raise or lower when needed. Takes a while before it raise up or down. What should I check? or replace?

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Tried to see if vent draft was loose and it was not.

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See the parts breakdown link below. If you hear the motor humming , I would take apart and check the lift motor and gear. We have seen the gear strip out over time. The part number is WB26X21615. We do not have a service manual on this model. Matt Ace technician

  • Is WB26X21615 the substitute part number? Part # WB63X10076 is what’s on the part breakdown.
  • Yes its subs to the new part #WB26X21615 The Part # WB63X10076 is not a good number any longer.
  • What about the piece that goes/attached to the jackscrew/gear? Do I need it? This is the whole assembly, WB63X10075 according to the parts breakdown. Looks like it’s no longer available as well. Does WB26X21615 comes with it? Thanks a lot for all the help btw.
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