washer vibrates badly and walks across the floor. Washer is
level, floor is solid and all suspension springs are good. I noticed
that the tub is rather stiff, by that I mean when I pull or push it one
way or the other it will stay wherever I put it and will stay there even
when spinning. Any suggestion on how to fix the problem will be
appreciated. Thank you.

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First you need to verify that the tub seal is not leaking and then how does it sound in spin. If the
machine needs the tub bearing and seal it’s probably not practical to repair. (hard to get apart and parts are expensive now) But if it’s only the off balance issue it can be repaired. You will need 2 parts 203956 damper pad kit and Y055978 cement.
Directions are in the damper pad kit. Take note this is a dirty job due to metal on metal filings. I’m still doing
this job about every 2 months on machines that are in good shape otherwise.

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