Washer Lid Assembly will not stay open when lifted any ideal of what parts would fix issue to hold lid up when filling washer. Looking for more detail that is better than the Spring Hinge which is hard to remove. Looking for more insight on what could be causing this problem and any detail breakdown of how to go about repair. Any videos on this type of washer with similar lid staying in place would be helpful or how to replace the lid assembly. Mainly happens when the under lid is corrected that’s when it falls down and will not stay up in place. Thanks.

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Tried adjusting spring hinge

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Hello, we have attached 2 video’s for you. Although the the 1st video attached is not the exact same model, the replacement is very similar with the same procedure. We also attached a video of your same model on a lid switch replacement so you can see how the back of your unit is disassembled & you can complete your repair properly. Unfortunately there is no option but to replace both spring assemblies when you are having this issue.

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