After a wash or rinse cycle the drain hose will squirt water for a few seconds and the system then stops.
I can manually drain the washer and if I hit the timer spot right after a timer rotation the next segment will run until it hits the drain phase. If I manually drain the rinse cycle the spin cycle will complete normally, including draining its water. The drain hoses seem clear, and if I lower the washer’s drain hose to the floor I get a dramatic fountain of water.
I confirmed everything underneath turns freely. Replaced the belts on principal because they were 22 years old. Ohm checked the lid switch and it seems fine. Replaced the lid switch because it is so universally damned and no so expensive. The new one ohms out fine. Response to opening and closing the lid while running is fine.
Using my meter on the pressure switch it correctly identifies full and empty. Reads full after the drain cycle aborts.
The motor does not feel particularly warm.
Dryer is level.
When running generally sounds very smooth.
What else do I need to check/tell you?

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I have attached the service manual for you. It has everything you need. It will walk you through any testing needed. Since it will only work once the water is manually drained you could have an issue with the pressure switch. Check the pressure hose for holes, kinks, and clogs. I think at this point it could only be the timer or pressure switch.


Sounds like you have a bad timer. When the unit stops draining does the timer advance to the end of the cycle? Does it do anything once it stops draining? Or will it just sit there as long as you let it? My guess at this point is a timer. Try other cycles to see if it is any different. See if the other cycles will work

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    • 2 years ago
    The timer does advance. Nothing happens as far as washer operation is concerned. All cycles behave the same.
  • Im still thinking timer. Will the washer spin for you in the rinse cycle or if you advance it I spin? When you say it works if you manually drain the water, are you draining the water out by hand?
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    • 2 years ago
    If I remove the wash water by siphoning with a garden hose or by temporarily dropping the washer drain hose of the floor, then rotate the timer full circle the rinse cycle will run. It will not run if I just try to push the timer in when the draining aborts, take the water out, and then pull the timer out the washer will not start. It similarly hangs up when the rinse water should drain. If I drain the rinse water as above and do another timer rotation, the spin cycle will complete normally. All the water comes out during spin.The washer does nothing unless I get the water out when it should be coming out – the timer dial just rotates and clicks at appropriate point. This is true for all options on the timer (normal, permanent press, delicate). Is there a way to ohm out or otherwise test the timer to confirm malfunction? I believe your remote diagnosis, but it is a bit of money to invest based on a best estimate from my descriptions.
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