I thawed it out and it refroze in a couple of days. They have a wr49x10173 heater for metal liners. It does’nt look like it is recommended for this one. what can I do?

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We have installed the wr49x10173 heater kit installed on these units only to see them freeze up again in 30-45 days. We have found if you taped insulation on inside of freezer door under ice chute, and put rolled towels or insulation on the two bottom shelves of the door to insulate the water line it corrects the issue. You first have to shut down the unit for 24 hours and completely defrost the door 100% with the door open. The 100% correction is the new insulated door . That is normally $700 to $900 and not cost effective. Matt Ace technician

  • Bryan, this was the one I Was referring to. Ihave a list of models for this part and this one is not 0n it. Is there any hazard in using it on this door. Ithink it is plastic.
  • I don’t think those heaters put off much heat. They would melt the water line if they did. I think it would be fine to use for this reason, but i can’t recommend to do so if the manufacture does not have it listed or says otherwise.
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