Samsung French Door Unit:
S# 176843AD800130P

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Replaced water filter assembly, which includes water pumps for water dispenser & ice maker, but still no ice. Refrigerator & freezer working well.

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Not sure on that switch at this time. Look at page 75 of the service manual. It has all trouble shooting steps for the ice maker. I talks about replacing the valve first(which you have done) and then the control board if you still have no water. It does not mention the door switches at all. However, this is by getting the I/M to cycle with the test button. I also found a bulletin on the new valve assembly design. Take a look at that as well to see if it applies to you. I have attached the file. I still think it could be your ice maker but I would follow the trouble shooting steps in the manual so see what you can figure out.


Hi. I have attached the service manual for this unit. Make sure you are getting water to the unit. There are a few things that can stop ice production. The most common would be the ice maker itself on this one. The ice maker could be faulty. Make sure your temperature is good. you need at least 15 deg to produce ice. Possibly a control issue. there is a test button on the ice maker. Press and hold it for about 10 seconds and the ice maker should cycle and fill with water.

  • Yes. These have a magnetic door switch. Your temperatures would be off if this switch was not working since the door needs to be closed for the fans to run on these units.
  • Brian, any idea why the water is not flowing into ice tray?
  • It’s not anything you mentioned? What about the button switch next to the magnetic switch on the top left? What is it”s function?
  • Does the ice maker sends a command to the water solenoid to fill the ice tray with water or does some other sensors signal the water fill?
  • It looks like the control board tells the inlet valve to open to fill the tray with water. So, the ice maker cycles then would send a signal to the board when it is ready to fill, then the control board sends power to the inlet valve to fill with water. Look at page 97 and then 99 of the service manual for the wiring schematic section of the control board related to the ice maker.
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