I had a customer with a Kenmore standup freezer and not getting enough cold on both food compartment and the freezer. We just replaced the control board and still having the same issue.
Your help is very critical. please assist.

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Replaced the control board

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Hello, If it does not have a full frost pattern on the evaporator than you will need to hook up refrigerant gauges to the system and check pressures. This is a specialty skill and you must be EPA certified and trained to do this repair legally. It could be a leak somewhere in the system. In most cases it is not worth the cost of repair but some people do not care about the price. If you are not trained on sealed system repairs you really should hire it out, there are many specialty tools required. I attached a basic video for reference.


Hello, That model number did not come up. If the compressor is running and not getting cold enough you need to check the frost pattern on the evaporator. you very well could have a sealed system issue.

  • if for example It will be a sealed system issue…do you know on how we can fix it? any recommendation?
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