It will start and run for awhile and cut off.Then when you restart it, it runs for 10/20 seconds and cuts off, restart and runs for 10/20 seconds. You get the idea. Please I’m old school, need help telling me what to check and how. Don’t like to have to ask, but i’m new to all is electronics stuff. Thanks Chip

Model Number

There is on Service Bulletin on your model. I would also run the unit through the service diagnostic cycle to look for error codes. If you are new at the new electronic models, you may want to look at appliance Samari technical assistance. The have classes on the new products and a great technician blog for quick answers. Here is the link. https://appliantology.org/

  • After it shuts down, it does not drain
  • Are you getting any error codes ? Have you run this through diagnostics yet ?
  • NO codes, just shuts off, then when restarted it runs for about 10/20 seconds. No,I have not.
  • To find out what is happening you will need to retrieve error codes in the diagnostic mode
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