Hi techs. This kenmore refrigerator is actually a Frigidaire. The auger will not run nor will the crushed cube selection work unless you put it in the service mode. In the service mode all dispenser functions work. I have checked the micro switches, I have checked door switches , I have checked wiring harnesses in the door checked continuity to the wiring harnes in the freezer, I have changed the main board and the U.I. Board. Customer stated that you could slam the freezer door and it would some times work which made me think a bad wiring or loose connection. In test mode voltages are normal going to the auger and crushed cube solenoid. I have checked the connections at the top of the doors as well. What am I missing. Would appreciate your advice. Thank you.

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U.i board, main board, checked wiring harness, checked micro switches.

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I have provided the technician diagnostic sheet. My thought if you have normal voltages to the auger motor, it may be intermittently tying up or you have a bad motor ground.

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