I have changed the drain hose and pump but it still won’t drain.
Is there a check valve in the module?
Can it be the diverter motor?
I can blow air through the drain hose. The drain pump works fine.
What else could be the problem?

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Go to section 5-13 page #91 in the diagnostic manual link below. This will walk you through the diagnostics on a no drain issue. are you getting any error codes ?

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    • 5 years ago
    I am getting, first f6e4,second f8e2, third f3e4 and last, f8e1. This is what confused me. NONE of these codes, or rather the first say anything about a drain issue. I even hooked up a new drain hose directly to the pump and ran it directly into a bucket and filled the dishwasher and the pump comes on but the water doesn’t drain. How can that be?
  • Check inside the dishwasher sump for a clog. If you drain hose and drain pump are new or have been checked and the drain pump is running, I can not think of anything else it could be. You also have the drain hose going to a bucket which eliminates any clogs at the disposal.
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