I have a washer that will not turn. it jerks a little but never does a full turn. I changed the lower board and the stator any thoughts?

Model Number

Are you getting any error codes ? Have you run the unit throgh the Quick Test Mode ?
How to Enter: — Press Soil Level Key, Signal Key
and Power Key at the same Time.
1. All LED’s light up and it sends out Beep Sound when
it enters into the Quick Test Mode. (Including 7-
2. Displays software version for a sec and Clear EEprom.
(Ex. If S/W Version is 49, 7-Segment will display
3. When the version is displayed, turn the Jog-Dial so
that the version disappears. Press the following
keys to test the various components.
– Temp Key : Water Valve Test
– Spin Key : Door Lock/Unlock Test
– Soil Key : Water Heater Test
Water Test
– Signal : Drain/Bubble Pump Test

**Diagnostic code check***
1. Activate the Service Mode first.
2. Press the “Spin key” key to start Diagnostic Code
Check Mode Code “d” will start flashing.
3. To cycle through the diagnostic codes (d1,d2,d3~d9),
turn the Rotary Cycle Selector in one direction
(either Clockwise or Counterclockwise).
4. Now, when turning the Rotary Selector Key in the same
direction, it shows diagnostic codes from the latest
5. When turning it in the opposite direction, it shows the
diagnostic codes in the reverse order. Ex) When it
stops at d5 and turns backward, it shows from d4
down to “d”. Refer to Diagnostic Code

See complete diagnostic manual link below. Matt Ace technician

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