I saw this model on the premium videos. The diagnostics say it is an out of balance condition. It spins fine with out clothes. The balance ring has fluid. The customers loads are fine. Your premium videos say replace the suspension rods but they seem fine. What route should I go. The service manual says replace the basket.


Is there any information on this issue?

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Hi. If this is only happening on the casual setting it may just be that this is a delicate cycle and the washer spins at a slower speed. I have attached the mini manal for you. Run the diagnostics to see if you are getting any error codes. There are also 2 service bulletins that could be related to your issue. I have attached both bulletins.


With suspension rods when you press on the top sides of tub and press down, the suspension rods should allow it to go right back up without bouncing, almost stiff. If there is bouncing, although suspension rods may look okay, they can still be bad. Also, where the drum hooks to the gear case under the agitator or wash plate if the holding mechanism of the drum is loose it will cause it to go off balance. To test this, shake the drum while holding the plastic tub to see if it wobbles or stays stiff. This is where i would start.
If these check ok, i would look in to the speed sensor on this unit. It is what monitors if the unit is going off balance, and could possibly be bad. This has tricked technicians in the past and is where i would go if the shocks are good as well as the tub being firmly attached to the gear case.

  • Blake, this washer still much of the time usually on casual does not spin the clothes dry. I checked each item you listed and each part passed inspection. Thanks for that help. The customer said it works on the heavy cycle on the super load size. But on the casual cycle at the end the clothes are not spun dry. The pump is ok and the water pressure switch voltage and level are good. I changed the speed sensor also. Nothing! The error code this time said to check the pressure switch. It tested ok. Any ideas? Thanks and happy thanksgiving.
  • Is there a service manual for this?
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