The clothes are coming out wet. At times it is not spinning at all.

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I ran the test cycle and all phases passed except in the spin phase it starts and climbs almost to maximum but then drops to only maybe 250rpm .
There are no error code on the motor or the computer
Any ideas?????

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That is a strange one. It is going off balance? are the shocks bad? Does it drain out properly? It should be throwing error error code. That makes it tough with out an error. does it do this with no clothes as well? Do you let it go through the whole spin cycle? it will get to high speed with only a few mins left.

  • It does this in the test mode. With out clothes. It drains well. Shocks are ok. I did not try it with clothes. It didn’t achieve high speed in the drain/spin cycle.
  • That’s a tough one to figure out without getting any error codes. I would be leaning towards the motor. I would test the windings of the motor and check connections
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