This particular front load washing machine had the pump in the rear, NO FILTER that I can find.. a rubber bladder hose that runs from the tub to the water pump. I have replaced the water pump, and checked the bladder hose to the pump for blockages. Its totally clean and clear. The drain hose from the water pump is totally clear. The water pump is free of obstruction and the proppellers are in good shape and seem to be working as they should. I’m stumped. Whats next?

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

I’ve replaced the water pump, checked the electrical connection, made sure all hoses are free and clear.


Hi. The ND error is a No Drain error. Do you hear the drain pump come on and run? Check for proper voltage to your drain pump. With a new drain pump installed, and no clogs, you most likely are not getting correct power to your pump. IT should be 120 volts during the drain cycle. You could have a wire harness issue(which I have not seen before on this unit) or a bad control board. I have seen multiple control boards that have gone bad for this issue. The relay on the board for the drain pump will go bad. A lot of times if you tap on the relay or wiggle it, it will start working again briefly. There are a few different controls for this model on the look up. They are series specific so you will need you serial number as well to get the correct part from your parts distributor.

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