After watching your video on youtube (, I am pretty sure that I have the same problem with my fridge since it is not cooling.
My question is about the code for MFF2558WFB3. In the video ( the code used was 12 for MFF2558WFB3 Model.

Would you please confirm with me if I should use the same code? Otherwise how I can retrieve it?

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to hearing back from you.

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Hello hussein Youssef, I would first check to see if your back panel in the freezer is completely frosted over. If so, it will need to be shut down for 24 hours with the doors open to properly defrost. The code for your particular refrigerator will be located next to the model number on the inside tag. It should be located in the fresh food section on the right towards the top. It will list the model number, serial, CODE, type of refrigerant, and amount of refrigerant. Any problems locating, please reply!
Thanks, Tony-AceTech52

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