The display board on this unit will randomly lose power and go blank. If you try and use any features (water or ice) it just beeps. All lights work in the unit on inside, however, the freezer section will not stay as cold as it should. when I’ve been there, all fans are working and compressor running. If you unplug the unit for about 5 minutes, the refrigerator will run fine for about a week. I’m thinking main board, any input would be great!

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Hello, It has been our experience that this is an issue with with l.v. dispenser control board located behind the display which has been replaced by a kit. The situation is complicated because the kit for your unit appears to be unavailable. I have downloaded multiple resources for you including your models tech sheet, a complete service job aid, a control board troubleshooting guide along with a link for the part number and model reference chart for your unit so you can have the most accurate information available. Click on MODEL REFERENCE CHART on selection # 13 in parts look up .You will notice on the reference guide that it states if your model # is not listed then the kit is not available. You may be able to have the board rebuilt if unavailable. One such source is Corecentric Solutions and I have attached a link for you. Just put your part #( 67006294) in the search bar .

  • Thank you for this information. Is there anyway possible to rule out the main board(HV) as a cause, so that there isn’t a high dollar mistake and a very angry customer, because of not having a refrigerator for 7-10 days, because will have to have board rebuilt. Any pointers you can give are greatly appreciated.
  • Hello, all information available will be in the tech sheet and control board troubleshooting guide I have previously attached . It is difficult when it is a random issue and not full failure. These attachments I have provided are directly from the manufacturer. These attachments are detailed technical information and the only source available to help advise you on how to proceed.
  • So if the program code matches, is that saying the board is good? If not I am missing something. I see service test 241, but what is that going to tell me other than the revision?
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