I replaced the door latch. It takes a while before it releases after stopping or finishing a load and will not unlock for a while, it just keeps clicking.

Model Number
79642192900 kenmore elite washer front load
What have you tried so far?

Praying. That’s about it.

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Service diagnostics guide, Service bulletins, Service pointers

The door lock is powered by the main PWB. See complete manual The Door Lock Switch Assembly consists of a Heating PTC, a Bimetal, a Protection PTC, and a Solenoid. It locks the door during a wash cycle.
1.Operation for door closing – After the system turns on, PTC heating starts up through terminal 2~4’s
authorizing the power on.
– After PTC heating starts up and before solenoid operation is driven, force the system to the off position through CAM.
Door close
– Authorizing one impulse through terminal 3~4 (PTC & solenoid) will make the door locked.
– Door lock is detected when switches in terminal 4~5 are set closed. CAM rotation will forcibly clear off the connection.
The maximum, allowable number of impulse authorizations is 2 Upon the third authorization of the impulse,
the position of CAM goes back to the door-open position.
– Authorizing the impulse occurs in 4.5 seconds upon input for max performance and two authorization processes are allowed at most.
Normal operation period of PTC heating: 1.5 – 5 seconds (Defects from the development process) 2.Operation for door opening.
– With a temporary stop, door automatically opens by CAM rotations after authorizing the impulse from the terminal 3 ~ 4 and the power turns off – maximum of 3 times of the authorizing period.
– Upon the fourth authorization of the impulse, the position of CAM goes back to the door-close position.

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