Door will only move about 1/2″. Just enough to get very small gap on seal. Purchased in May of 2010. Lot of family here this Christmas holiday. Neither my wife or I were in the freezer. We have two refrigerators. This refrigerator in question is kept in our utility room with washer/dryer, chest freezer, large utility sink and lots of cabinet storage. We use the refrigerator section just about as much as we use the refrigerator in the kitchen. The freezer on the other hand we use for freezer packs and pliable soft packs to place on knees after surgeries or other aches and pains. Our grown middle daughter has been staying at our house since her house flooded during Hurricane Harvey. She uses this refrigerator and freezer quite a bit as does her two teenage children. I am not sure who was in the freezer last. Quite sure it was not my wife or I. The icemaker quit working about 2 years ago. Didn’t fix it because we really didn’t need it. So, I don’t know if someone shoved something in the freezer and it is wedged securely or if by some chance someone put something in the ice bin and that something got wedged behind the icemaker or if the water decided to flow all of a sudden and their is an ice ball or what the heck. Figured before I tried standing the refrigerator on its top I would seek some advice. With all the Ice Packs in the freezer there is quite a bit of weight which will make standing it up difficult for this scrawny old man. We are cold down here. Not as cold as Ohio of course. So I have left the refrigerator inside and my wife occasionally blows warm air into the freezer through the two ports in the bottom of the refrigerator inside plastic panel. We have owned bottom freezer refrigerators since the late 70’s and never had a stuck door. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Drew Jolly 979-548-3032

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We can only pull the door out about 1/2″ and it is solid. I put four wedges in between the door frame and fridge frame last night to see if melting any thing would help. I stayed clear of the door gaskets. Last night we rattled the door many times. Laid the refrigerator on its back, both sides and tilted forward while rattling the door trying/hoping the wedged part might shift last night. Tried the door again this morning….still stuck. Cold air still coming out of the cracked door of course especially with all the ice packs. The refrigerator door was off also all night.

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See link below for drian repair issues


If you left the unit unplugged overnight with the door cracked open that eliminates any restriction. If you see the parts breakdown link below on page #3 there are two W10120018 Slide, Drawer assembly’s. There is clearly something jammed in the slide assembly or at the top of the freezer liner. If you can only get the door open 1/2 inch, I would try a coat hanger to see if you can reposition the food or item that could be causing the jam. The freezer door seal can also come off to give you more room, it is a press on door seal. With only a half inch to work with, you will not have enough room to get the freezer door off. These are your only options besides calling an appliance technician. Matt Ace technician

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    We kept the air dryer on it yesterday off and on. This morning the door opened revealing ice in the bottom of the freezer which appears to have been frozen to the bottom tray keeping the door from opening. Do you have a video showing how to check the drain system? And is there something else I need to look at?
  • See video link below for drain issues
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