freezer staying at 26 deg. fresh food at 34 deg. replaced main control board after finding only 3 volts d.c. on the inverter input from main control board.

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Hi. I have attached the tech sheet for you. Refrigerator temp is good. Make sure your air flow is good. It should be good given that the refrigerator temps are good, but make sure the fan motor is circulating air flow and that the damper is working properly. Check for a defrost issue. This could be sealed system issue. Check your frost pattern on the evaporator.


Can you check your model number # gsh25ww , It is not in our data base for GE . With a good model number we can give you more help.Here are a few possibilities without seeing the exact model. Is the evaporator and condenser fan motor running ? Is the compressor running ? Do you have an even frost pattern on the evaporator by visual inspection ? Matt Ace technician

  • Model is GSH25GGCBBB we. GE refrigerator.
  • Low on refrigerant. Thanks for the quick response. Odd that the control board acted like it did, maybe a protective mode???
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