I have customer with above model, and issue is freezer is not freezing to desired temperature, it only reach up to 2 centigrade, I change, thermistor/ temperature sensor. I check compressor running dry well, I also change relay and new capacitor. But still I am not able to reach temperature up to -10 and above, what should I check oe change the parts to recommended. Thank you.

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Change relay and capacitor, change temperature sensor or thermistor. Not change the control board yet;

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Hello, If your compressor and evaporator fan motor are running and its not getting above 2 Centigrade or 35 Fahrenheit you may have a sealed system issue. You will need to remove the evaporator cover and check the frost pattern on the evaporator. There should be an even frost pattern across the coil. A sealed system issue could be one of three things.
1) A low refrigerant charge, leak in system
2) A bad suction or discharge valve in the compressor, defective compressor.
3) A refrigerant restriction. Capillary tube plugged.

Matt Ace technician

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