The temp in the ice room is 20 degrees. The water pressure is good, the line is not frozen. Is there another thermostat in the ice room I’m missing? Could ice build up in the freezer cause this issue? How many fans are blowing cold air into the ice room. I’ve only changed one. Fridge at 37 and freezer was recently dropped to -4 to see if that helped with no success.

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the ice maker was replaced, the filter has been replaced twice, the fan that blows cold air into the ice compartment has been replaced.

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We have found that low ice production that is slow or intermittent is caused by the ice fan motor Part number: WR60X10330. Ice blockage starts developing around the fan restricting air flow to ice maker compartment. Things to look for is Evaporator cover popping out place due to ice pressure build up.

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