Could it be a bad motor sensor ?

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I already tested the motor windings and it was ok 6 ohms like the manual says, but when I ohm out the sensor the reading is 66 ohms when it should be 118 ohms according to the manual , do you think it could be the reason why the motor is not running ?

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Hi. I have attached the service manual for you. I looked at this error in the manual and it did not say anything about a possible faulty speed sensor. It is possible though. It did not say what the ohms of the sensor should be. The ohms you read compared to what you saw they should be is a significant difference. Does it require you to spin the motor as you check the ohms? Check out the steps for this error on the manual I attached. Make sure you check for any drag on the basket such as bad bearing or clothing stuck between the drum and basket. Make sure the drive pulley is tight and belt is good. Make sure the motor is mounted tight. Run the test mode for spin and see what happens also.

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