(Couldn’t find model. Googled simular looking one.) Griddle uses an electrode to light but when you turn on the thermostat/pot control it doesn’t do anything I didn’t even smell or hear gas. There’s what appears to be a spark module under it which the electrode is connected to.. Would it most likely be that spark module? Other things factors could be a bad thermostat or gas valve.

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See the troubleshooting guide in the link below. Go to page #31 and follow the troubleshooting steps. No gas flow to the burner 4A. Defective igniter 4 A. Check the igniter current draw. If less
igniter glows red. than 3.2 amps, replace the igniter. a) Intermittent burner flame 4B. Gas pressure too low 4 B. Check for correct gas pressure, Nat. gas b) lighting only one side of pressure should be 5” WCP and LP
burner. c) gas odors should be 10” WCP. d) lowering average temp.
of oven.

Also see similar model video links below . Matt Ace technician

  • It’s the griddle on a cooktop and it uses a clicker/electrode igniter. Nothing happens when you turn the pot control. No clicking from igniter, no gas but the thermostat light comes on showing it’s turned on.
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