This dryer became hot and burned up the thermostat completely and some burn marks on the metal inside the machine. I replaced both thermostats, the heating element was grounded so I replaced it also. After reassembling unit and running a few minutes a HE error code came on. We had the vent cleaned and I replaced the thermistor. Unit was used for 2 days and the HE error code has returned.

Any ideas of what to do now?

Thomas Butler
Cell 210 209 3029

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Replaced both thermostats, heating element, thermistor

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Unfortunately this is a common problem. What has happened is that the heat relay on the main control board is getting stuck and constantly sending power to the element. After a while the element and thermostats take such a beating you end up with the situation you walked in to. The part number for the main control board is DC92-00382A and should cost around $100. I could not find a repair video on the replacement procedure but it is in the upper left side underneath the top. With the amount of tear down you have already done you have no doubt seen the location of this board along the way. You only need to remove the top for this. I have attached a link to the part so you can see it. Good luck.

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