The washer was given to me. Friend bought a new washer, said it was smoking. Saw the burned spot on the board. I replaced the control board of this unit. The washer works fine from start to finish, However after the spin cycle stops during the drum wind down it makes a loud Air Raid type Siren sound that starts right after the motor stops pulling the drum. Was wondering if this is normal.??? Doesn’t seem to do it during slower RPM spins

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Hi. It dose not seem like I have heard this noise before. So does this happen as the drum free fall spins to a stop after the motor has turned off? The only 2 things moving would be the tub and rotor. Could be the gears inside the clutch assembly, which is basically a transmission. It is hard to say. I have attached a link to this part.

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    • 4 years ago
    Yeah it happens only on HS spin as soon as the motor de-energizes.
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