When I press power button (without pressing start button), hot water starts filling up tub and does not stop. I have to unplug washer to stop hot water. Hot water solenoid is working fine. I flip hot water and cold water connector and press power button. Now cold water runs continuous. If I unplug power connector for hot water solenoid, washer runs without any issue. Only delicate mode does not work. Delicate mode gives error 4E. Also hot water solenoid makes continuous humming/chatter noise till power is on. If I flip hot and cold connectors, cold water solenoid makes noise.
What could be the cause? How to fix this problem? Which part need replacement? What we part cost?

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I have replace solenoid valve assembly. Did not solve the problem. Coil resistance for all coil is in a range of 990 to 1090 ohms. Voltage at solenoid connectors is same as supply voltage – 115 VAC.

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Hi. Sound like you have a stuck relay on the main control board. I found this part number with the model number you provided. DC92-01625B I would double check your model number, especially the 2 numbers that would be at the end of the model number.

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