Do I need to pull the fridge out in order to replace the heat exchanger or can I pull it out of the channel and snake the new one in? The heat exchanger is inside a channel. I don’t really want to pull out the fridge if I don’t have to. It’s pretty big and bulky and will need realigning to align it with the freezer on the left. Also, how do I remove the trim piece in between the freezer and the refrigerator if I need to pull out the fridge? Any materials or documents that can help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Disassembled unit inside and see how things are.

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Sorry, Other than the service manual we do not have any other references. The heat exchanger is just not a common item to replace.


Hi. I have attached the service manual. Disassembly starts on page 13.

  • It doesn’t cover the heat exchanger. Found that manual previously. Do you have more references how to do this job? Thanks.
  • sorry, I am not finding any additional info on this. I will continue searching.
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