During the rinse & spin cycle the agitator spins wildly and makes an insanely loud screeching/grinding sound while whipping the clothes so hard and fast they stretch and if caught right, will rip. If I cancel the cycle and select “rinse and spin” it will rinse the clothes, but then during the spin cycle the malfunction will occur again. I then tried a “drain and spin” cycle which seemed to operate normally.

I need to diagnose the issue and identify the right part to replace.

Thank you in advance for your help!

I have videos if you need them.

This is a Maytag Bravos MCT

Model Number
Serial Number
What have you tried so far?

See above. I have not touched the washer yet, but I can fix anything given the proper guidance. I just dont want to start throwing parts at this thing without knowing what you know first.

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Owners guide, Service diagnostics guide, Wiring diagram, Installation instructions, Parts manual, Parts breakdown, Service bulletins, Service pointers, Job aids, Videos, Warranty information, Any available materials

It sounds as though you could have a bad gearcase . By now, the dampers are also most likely compromised as well. (As per your description of what is happening). The gearcase part # W11035751. I have attached a video of the gearcase replacement. The video is of a different part #, however the replacement is the exact same.

  • OK…thanks for the point in the right direction. I have a couple of questions. First, I can’t find any part called a “damper” on the parts list I have. Do you have a part number? Second, do I have to pay extra to watch the video you suggested!? It won’t play. Thanks
  • In addition, I checked for Fault and Error codes… 1) F2E1 Stuck Key 2) F0E5 Off balance load 3) F0E2 Oversuds 4) F0E2 No fault…I also ran though the Automatic test mode and everything seemed to work properly.

This sounds like a possible motor clutch assembly. If you got to page #7, 8# in the Job Aid you will see the breakdown. I would also run the unit through the diagnostic mode with the technician service manual link below. Check for any stored error codes.

  • No problem. Thanks for updating the Job Aid, which looks correct. However, the parts effected are most likely different as a result. What could be causing the malfunction? The motor? Splutch? Gearbox? When I mentioned not wanting to throw parts at this without your guidance, that is what I meant. I’ll tell you what….I will go home and try to pull the codes, flip this thing on its back and take a look under the hood. Then I will circle back to you tomorrow with more info. Thanks so far for your help!
  • Hello The gearcase has internal dampers. The part number will cover both gearcase and internal dampers. The video is $7.99. we have no control over the premium video’s. I would look on YouTube to see if you can find a free video by the gearcase part number.# W11035751.
  • If the tub suspension rods are bad, they come in a set of four. The part number is W11130362
  • OK…we are making progress. How will I know if the tub suspension rods are bad? I am ripping this thing apart tomorrow and would like to know what to look for. Also, here’s a new piece of info. Not sure if it matters, but when I moved the washer I found a lock nut on the ground. It turns out it is the nut used to hold the drive pulley on. The pulley is still there, but the nut fell off. Is there a chance that alone is causing the malfunction?
  • If you are replacing the transmission , I suggest replacing all 4- suspension rods. They go bad over time and you will see physical damage. They are $38.00 for all four see link https://www.appliance-parts-experts.com/W11130362-Washer-Suspension-Rod-Kit.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8v7Zo9mJ4wIVgeDICh0XHg-6EAYYASABEgLbc_D_BwE
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