The customer had previous service for the ice maker freezing up and a new ice maker was installed by previous servicer. Based on customer complaint of needing to manually thaw the fill tube we replaced the water valve. Customer now reports continued icing up in the ice maker.

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I have attached the service manual for your unit. I am not finding a fill tube heater for this unit. I did not find one on the parts break down. The fill tube freezing could be a result of low water pressure also. The valve could not be closing all the way allowing a small amount of water to flow through and freeze.


Possible causeses for new ice maker not working. See complete ice maker diagnostics link below. See the complete service manual and diagnostic link below. Matt Ace technician

1) *** Check if ice maker is turned on ****
2-Check to see if Freezer Temperature is between 0-5 degrees F.
3-Make sure that the harness in the upper part of the Freezer door is well assembled/connected.
4-Ice maker is properly connected. (Self-Test is working).
5-Check electrical continuity of connection between fill tube heater and harness that leaves the door.
6-Check if there is water under the door or behind the refrigerator (Leaking/Defective hose connections).
7-Check that all wiring harnesses are properly connected to the Main PCB.
8) Make sure that the wiring connectors in the upper Door F are reconnected after disconnecting them for
*Self test can only be done once every two hours. If necessary to perform self-test again before reaching
the 2 hours, unplug the refrigerator from the electricity and plug back in again.

  • Fill tube heater is not working however I can’t seem to find a part number or instructions on how to replace it.
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