I found the iceberg completely frozen. I checked the water pressure and it was good. I replaced the valve and it only made 1 tray then refrozen.

Can the problem be in the wr30x30097 icemaker???
How does this icemaker work? How can I check it besides manual starting it?

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Here is the manual.


Hi. You could have a leak with in the ice maker itself or ice build up in the fill tube. I have attached a video on how to manually start the ice maker. Then watch as it cycles and fills with water to find out where the water is coming from. If the ice maker is over filling with water, the water pressure to the unit may be to high or the ice maker could be faulty.

  • This unit has a fill tube heater. check to see if this heater is working properly. I have seen a service bulletin for and issue with fill tube on some french door GE units but nothing comes up for this model.
  • Thankyou for you help. I do need a tech sheet for this model
  • Please send me the tech sheet
  • Brian, could this be the icemaker? The heater is good. Both times I’ve found the icemaker overfilled and the funnel but the fill tube is clear. The harvest blades frozen at 6PM position as though it ran through a few cycles till it froze Is that possible with this icemaker. Thanks
  • Yes. It could be a faulty ice maker. Cycle the ice maker and make sure the water goes where it should to make sure.
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