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Drain pump working


Hello, the “water in the drum sound” may simply be the fluid in the front balancing ring. It is filled with fluid to counter balance vibration. If the washer is not completely draining you most likely have a restriction of lint and debris in your drain pump. This is very common on this style of NEPTUNE washer. Please note section(s) 3-6 to 3-12 in the service manual previously provided. SECTION 5 of the service manual will show step by step how to disassemble machine to access drain pump. All information available is in the service manual and tech sheet provided, you just have to find correct section for the diagnostic chart/procedure for your specific complaint. Thanks for your question and please follow the diagnostic procedure & instructions in the service manual provided.


Hello there are a few possibilities for your wet clothes.
1) It may not be spinning out properly. Start with motor control test in the service manual link on page #28 section 2-8. It is possible for the motor to still run under light loads when one of the phases of the motor is nonfunctional. One possible symptom would be a “growling” noise from the motor. Torque is decreased when the motor is out of phase. This could result in a customer complaint that the load is not spinning out properly leaving wet clothes.
2) Wet clothes can also be due to the washer shutting down too soon or excessive suds present. Did the timer advance to OFF? If yes, then excessive suds may be the cause or the inertial unbalance switch tripped too soon, resulting in lower spin speeds. Change the inertial switch if suds were not detected. Note: If the timer motor is energized for five minutes without the cycle inputs changing, the machine control board will puts changing, the machine control board will drop the line voltage relay. drop the line voltage relay.

  • I did the motor test and it’s good. But I still here like some water and the drum
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