Circuit to radiant sensor was reading closed when this was accruing, installed a new sensor for trial, reinstalled original sensor, unit is now working properly after board replacement on both units. Customer was flipping out as you would imagine and had gas company involved etc. Very disconcerting when you have this much raw gas going into a dryer, may have been a different outcome with a restricted vent or venting with a leak in it.
Assumption that flame detector = Radiant sensor?

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We ran into these problems a few years ago, the end solution was to replace both the pc board and gas valve. It seemed that whenever we would replace one or the other we would be back out in a few weeks, we started replacing both and did not have recalls. LG had some problems with their gas valves a few years ago, we actually used to carry 2 of them on our trucks, not as big of an issue anymore.

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