The only thing that works in the fridge is the light. Nothing else comes on.

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I checked to see if electricity was going into the main board. Yes. I couldn’t figure out how to see if it was going out. Is it the bound? Or something else, that I neglected to check?


Sorry on the delayed response, Troy got sick and has not been on line for the last few days. If you are not sure if its the board and want to return it if its not your issue. I would purchase it fro Repair Clinic, you will pay more money for the same part but you can return it if is is installed. They are the only company that does this type of buy it to try it policy. Matt Ace technician


Thank you for the question. If you have power to the lights there is power coming out of the control board. Potentially if you have nothing else coming on the board could be stuck in defrost. Is the unit defrosted? If so then the termination will stop the heater from coming on and the fans don’t run during defrost. Neither does the compressor. On the board there is a plug that has 3 wires going to it. It is the large plug, when removed there is writing on the board that says comp, defr and line. With that plug removed from the board you can use a jumper wire from LINE TO COMP and plug the unit back in and see if the compressor comes back on. If it does I would replace to board and monitor unit for cooling. Look at the old board for any burned components or burn marks on back of the board.

  • I did remove the board to see if there were any burn marks. No marks on the back of the board. So, in your opinion, change out the board. My concern of course was purchasing a board, but that not being the problem. I’m stuck with the cost of the board. And the fridge is still not working. What is your return policy on boards? And how much would this one cost? And to have it overnighted? Thanks Troy
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